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Rodney holds Bachelor Degree in Social Work and clinical training in United States. Rodney holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Sydney University in Australia. Rodney’s counselling training has been in family systems, EMDR and Trauma Informed Practice Training with BlueKnot in Australia.
Rodney has frontline experience working with complex clinical management of comorbid issues such as drugs and alcohol, EAP, homelessness and long term chronic pain. Roles have been within injury management, charitable organizations and private EAP to support people to re-establish their life. His counselling is informed by Gestalt as I was trained under a Laura Perls counsellor in the United States.

Rodney is an EMDR Level I trained clinician endorsed by EMDR Association of Australia

“As I have multiple lived experience having been raised in a single parent household escaping Family & Domestic Violence. I provide a strengths based approach with lived experience with trauma and family separation. After many years of working with homeless young people, veterans, frontline emergency workers in the USA and Australia I believe I can share the journey with clients by providing unique insight to trauma, divorce, child raising, and the rest of life’s challenges that we are faced by.

I also do mental health peer work groups with people who are living with schizophrenia, bipolar and more.

I look forward to walking alongside you as you live in your community grow and develop a new identity for a better life”

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