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Wise words that resonate with me: If you practice the Japanese way of the system of Reiki, you practice it for remembering your true self, not for making money, not to become famous, not for followers, not for likes, but for lay bare your essence ~ Frans Stiene 🙏🌟💜 #reiki... Read more
By dianasguidetowellbeing
Be like a farmer, sow the seeds and wait for it to grow. Mums & Daughters, be mindful how much advice to give to your daughter or mum. Just a little, it will sow the seed. Step back, be patient, let your mum or daughter consider advice thoughtfully, watch the... Read more
By janicewilliamscounselling
By sandplayassociation.com
A young girl who is ignored, neglected, and feels invisible by her caregivers, may become a young woman seeking out people and activities to fill up her empty cup, to mask the pain of her childhood hurts. Girls want to please their mum, not wanting to upset her. A little girl... Read more
By janicewilliamscounselling
Feel good Friday: Be the energy you want to attract #reiki #reikihealing #reikimaster #reikiteacher #reikicourses #energyhealing #wellness #distancereiki #mindfulness #meditation #counselling #lifecoaching #coaching #spiritualhealing #dianafels #dianasguidetowellbeing #positivevibes #gratitude #feelgood #energy... Read more
By dianasguidetowellbeing


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