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Local EAP is for companies that want to

  • Provide long-term support for their staff
  • Use local counsellors
  • Save lots of money
  • Get bespoke service
  • Access pay-as-you-go

Help Now Group will efficiently connect your staff with quality counsellors.

Once registered, your staff will gain instant access to our portal. They will then be able to quickly and easily:

  • Research a wide range of counsellors
  • Filter them by geography, skills and experience
  • Book sessions with their preferred counsellor

Partnering with Help Now Group will help your company:

    • Maximise workplace productivity
    • Make staff feel valued and supported
    • Retain and attract the best talent

A good EAP provider will have a simple online portal that makes it easy for staff to:

    • Research a wide range of counsellors
    • Filter them by geography, skills and experience
    • Book sessions with their preferred counsellor
    • Do direct video chats without third-party software
    • Service funding stays in your community

So when you’re researching EAP providers, ask them:

  • How many counsellors they partner with or invest in
  • If they have an online portal – and, if so, to give you a demo
  • How much of the hourly rate stays in local communities
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LEAP: A whole new way to think about mental health in your company

Imagine you want to get fit and lose weight.

One approach would be to do one-size-fits-all exercise sessions whenever you’re in the mood … which works for some people.

But a better approach would be to ask a professional trainer to design a personalised exercise program for you – and to then attend regular sessions with that trainer.

Employee assistance programs (EAP) operate the same way.

Your company may be perfectly happy ordering our entry level, on-demand support with no strings.

But if you want the best results and the best value, you need to follow a long-term plan, like LEAP.

By investing in LEAP, your company will:

  • Save lots of money with bulk discounts
  • Solve your staff counselling problem for an entire year
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using local counsellors
  • Get five-star service with bespoke program design and staff training

Maximise your results with six-month and 12-month reviews

Here's what you get

LEAP feature How you benefit
Bespoke design You know the program fits your unique requirements
Staff training You get maximum value from the program
Six-month review You make sure the program is meeting your goals
Twelve-month review You learn all the key lessons from the past year

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What information does my employer know about my sessions?

All sessions are confidential and only if there is a mandatory reporting and/or duty of care warnings that come up in the sessions will any content be revealed.  You will be notified before a professional about their indication to notify appropriate authorities