Bulk EAP- 30 Sessions

$6,050.00 $5,150.00

  1. 15 service users
  2. 2 individual sessions annually (60 sessions)
  3. Outcome metrics calculated


Mental ill-health costs an average of $5,600 per full time employee with severe mental illness

Mental Health Productivity Commission 2019

Product Breakdown

  1. 60 Individual Sessions reduced from $185 to $160 per session
  2. Annual establishment fee $500
  3. Sessions do not expire

Service Delivery

What type of help can you get?
    • HR Issues Resolution
    • Stress, Workload, and Life Balance
    • Manager Assist
    • Family/Domestic Relationship Counseling
    • Eldercare Consultation and Referral
    • Workplace Relations Consultation
    • Supervisor/Manager Orientation
    • Critical Incident Response
    • Addictive Substance Counseling
    • Sexuality/Gender Issues
    • Redundancy Support
    • And others where required

Upon valid purchase you agree to the following Service Agreement and use found here EAP_Service_Agreement 2020


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