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Mother-Daughter Relationship Counselling & Coaching
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Mother-Daughter Relationship Counselling & Coaching. Helping women heal from their past, reconnect with themselves and live a more fulfilled life. You will feel less stress, more energy, less anger and feel more confident, calm and in control.

Are you struggling in your relationship with your mother? Are you estranged from your mother? Do you feel you are ‘not good enough’ or you need to be perfect? Feeling anxious, depressed, angry, sad, overwhelmed or disconnected? Do you want help from someone who has travelled a similar journey to yourself? If you answer Yes to any or all of these questions, then I can help you. I specialise in mother-daughter relationship counselling and coaching, helping women heal the pain of the past, no longer held back by relationship grief.

Women tell me that they wish for a close relationship with their mum, they feel sad at the loss of connection, or anger at being estranged from their mother, and the expectations that their mothers have placed on them. This loss spills over into other relationships too – with partners, children, extended family, friends, work colleagues.

I will help you find solutions to the conflict in your relationship with your mother or daughter. You will become empowered to voice your needs and set healthy boundaries. Along the way you will re-discover your purpose and meaning in life.

My counselling and coaching sessions will help you be the best you can be and achieve your full potential without feeling weighed down by relationship challenges.

I offer a Free 20 minute consultation which gives you the opportunity to find out about mother-daughter relationship counselling and coaching and see how I can help you. I offer in-person, online and phone appointments. Reach out and give me a call on 0404 871 195 or email [email protected]

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