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Counsellor and Relationship Therapist
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Hi there, I’m Chris, a counselling social worker with almost 20 years of experience working in healthcare, emergency services, the ADF and in private practice providing individual and relationship counselling. I also have extensive experience in providing critical incident debriefing, psychological first aid, delivering well being work programs, relationship groups and breaking bad news workshops.
Having worked as a staff counsellor for the ADF and mentored Juniour Doctors in several large tertiary hospitals I have extensive experience in workplace mentoring and support at all levels.

I completed completed my Bachelor of Social Work in 2001 and my Masters of Applied Positive Psychology both of which have a strong focus on working with clients around their strengths, values and improving overall well being. Having worked in healthcare for almost 10 years I have a strong interest in health counselling, working with people towards building sustainable healthy lifestyle through improving sleep, reducing stress, reliance on alcohol and drugs and thinking differently about pain management.

Having worked with military and emergency services personnel for over 10 years I have extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of trauma, challenges associated with a FIFO lifestyle and work-related stress on individuals, couples and families. I have extensive experience in individual, relationship counselling and parenting consultations. I enjoy working with couples to better their communication skills and work though issues like infidelity, mismatched libido and differences in parenting.  I enjoy working with kids and offers support via play therapy. I believe in working with parents and kids as a team to make positive changes at home and at school.

I volunteer with Misha’s Mates, an assistance dog service for the veteran and emergency service community. I am currently training Charlie, a 3 year old Labrador to be a therapy dog who is available in therapy.

I’m warm and nonjudgmental in my approach and is welcoming of clients from LGBTQIA+ backgrounds. While I believe that creating a safe place for clients to share their stories is a must, I also think a healthy dose of humor and playfulness can be helpful when navigating life’s challenges.

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